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Where can I get cheap LEDs? Answered

I need to get some cheap LEDs. I want to get 3-5mm bright white LEDs, I want the bright ones that are used in flashlights. I also want long wires so I think I need to get them from a component seller and not try to salvage them from a flashlight. I have found some places online that sell them cheap but the shipping is gonna kill me. Is there anywhere that I can get them that has free shipping?

Does anyone know any companies that will offer free samples of LEDs? I fon't have a company or company email adress.

Any help will be apreciated.


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akinich (author)2012-07-31

I can get you any leds in any quantity any specs
i am setting up an ebay store with fixed prices and its really cheap
so if your interested please reply
and the shipping will depend on the quantity

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nurdee1 (author)akinich2012-07-31

Thanks but I have already found all that I currently need. But if you can give me your ebay name I will check you out next time I need to order some.


P.S. I love your profile photo.

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akinich (author)nurdee12012-07-31

thanks man
um my ebay username is fusioncomponents96
i am going to start the listings in a day or two I'm just starting out''
i will post a link here once I'm done
please pass this info around to all your friends
for example 100 leds cost 3-4 dollars and 1000 less cost 12 -13 dollars not including shipping
and the pic is from google :P

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jim_2000 (author)2012-02-16

online auctions or the electronic surplus houses. Also, a string of LED christmas lights might work for your application.

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