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Where can I get chloraform and/or tranquilizer darts? Answered

Don't ask questions on why I need this. Just know that it will ultimatly make the world a safer place for children. Where can I get my hands on some chloraform and/or tranquilizer darts?


It's actually very easy to make chloroform as you can see from above, as for tranquilizer darts you could break into a zoo

I love the questionability of these questions, makes me chuckle. Wouldn't it be easier to knock someone out with a cosh or something?

No, it won't : P Spend 4 years in vetrinary school, or 6+ becoming a zookeeper for tranq darts. I think the Modern Mechanics blog published an old how-to on making chloraform.

ummmm while you're at it you should probably ask where you can get Rohypnol too.

Though is really suspicious I don't feel bad giving you this as a start. Or you could ask his brother MacGruber.