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Where can I get half inch thick steel plate? Answered

I'm making something where I need it to be half an inch thick. Don't ask me why but it's defiantly not tank tracks for my 120 horsepower electric tank that I'm designing.


Anywhere with the words metalworking in the title. A lot of construction or DIY places can send you in the right direction, you might have trouble with a minimum order, if you know anyone whose line of work involves metal work you could ask them to add it to an order and pay them, plus it'd be at trade price rather than end user.

You can buy that online.  Just google it. 

How are you planning to cut 1/2" steel plate?

I was thinking about one of these choices:

1. Hacksaw, elbow grease, and a whole lot of time.
2. Pay someone who has the proper tools. (waterjet cutter, plasma cutter, etc.)
3. Rent the equipment needed and do it myself.

Angle grinder with cutoff disk, unless you're going for a strange shape. Waterjet will cost you a lot.

It's a pretty simple shape, there's just some cuts where an angle grinder would be too big. I'll probably use a dremal.

do you know how long it would take to cut through half inch or inch steel plate with a dremal it would take forever it would probably be better to pay some one to do it

Depends, of course, where you are, but unless you are making very large pieces, its always more convenient to get steel strip, rather than plate. It comes in pieces up to 21 feet long and 6" wide in 1/2" thick.

Also, get BLACK plate, rather than BRIGHT and save some money.


Where are you in the world ? All my sources are UK.

I'm in the US. But I spent 10 days in the UK when I was 7.


8 years ago

A scrap yard / metal recycling center may have it..ive seen it at the facility right down the street from where i live but even then expect to pay a hefty price for it..i bought some scrap angle iron...2 bed frame supports worth (just the square ther matress sits on) and it cost me like 20....

It might be easier to just find some used tracks from something like a skid steer, or whatever size you're looking at. 1/2" steel plate will be expensive to ship (heavy!) and hard to cut.