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Where can I get large( diamter larger than 3 feet) plastic pipe and how much would it cost? Answered

I need some larger plastic pipe that I can use for a tunnel. I am looking for something that is larger than 3 feet wide becuase I want to use it for a tunnel. Preferably it is not to expensive.


where do you buy it? roughly how much. ft?

AWESOME!! This is exactly what we need for kids slides

Try looking for a large water or gas plastic tank and cut as needed.


I'm trying to find 3' or larger also. Yes it is expensive but most that I see in 24" is like $360 for 20' and for what I'm making - I could about 5-6 of them. Concrete too heavy and hard to cut and steel though it can be cut would leave very sharp edges and would rust from moisture plus weight. Plastic is lighter than either and can be disinfected.

See picture and you will see why I need this size and plastic. This is a DIY lamb warmer - gives the lambs something to get under, helps keep larger ewes out and everyone away from the light source. I hope someone has a source of this pipe.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 6.43.48 PM.jpg

looking for the same. must be plastic, not expensive. using it for a kids obstacle race

Empty 200 litre (55 US Gallon) drums?

We squeeze through them in full firefighting kit ,including breathing apparatus for training drills sometimes. They may be a bit small for your needs, but maybe there are other sized drums available.

Sounds like a fab idea.

And if the OP insists on plastic, they do those in this size too - though would need some sort of strangthening if more than a foot or so of earth was going to plonked on the top I would think.

would be interested to know the type / purpose of the tunnel. Seems interesting.

Amazed you guys can get through one of them though with full kit on - wow.

Corrugated Galvanised steel culvert is the stuff you want, available to ridiculous sizes.


I was going to suggest the same thing.  There are a few pedestrian tunnels in my area made of corrugated steel like this.  They are, obviously, large enough for a tall person to walk through.

When I was a kid, they used the same type of stuff to run tunnels for kids to crawl through at a local playground.  They've since torn them up due to "safety concerns."  Bah.

and manufactured as a bespoke solution to suit each individual project

...positively screams "can't be cheap"

Yes it does. Still I was a bit surprised to find you could get plastic pipe at those sizes.


3 feet? you do know that you're only going to be crawling through that, right?

You're not going to find it.  For 3' ID or larger, corrugated iron is used for culverts.  If you are making a tunnel, then you'd better have some expertise in below-ground excavation, or you are going to spend a long time trying to breathe dirt.

3 foot is very large for plastic, you'd be better with concrete. Neither are going to be cheap though.
Wood may be better, you might find some for free.
What's this tunnel going to be like?