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Where can I get large ( diamter larger than 3 ft.) plastic tubing for a child's diy inside gym/playground.? Answered

I want to make a Super Mario Bros themed inside playground for my kids.  I'm basically wanting to construct some type of tubing to make a "warp pipe" tunnel large enough for them to crawl in and out and create a little wooden fort that's painted to look like a castle from the video game that would connect to these hypothetical warp pipes I want to create. I need whatever I am working with to be safe and smooth, non toxic, strong enough to support two kids btwn the ages of 2 and 4 years old & 25 to 35 lbs, and durable yet not so heavy & dense that it would cause injury to my kids if they bumped their heads. I've briefly looked at PVC piping and concrete forms and am a little unsure; would either or both of theses products be suitable for my idea (and do they even come that large)?  Or does anyone else have some suggestions?  

Thank you for your time and any responses. 


Drum or container recycler? Make sure it hasn't had anything dangerous in it, and cut the ends off.

200 drum.jpg

As you can see in the link a 20 ft section of 36 in pipe runs over $700. And you still have to have a means to go and pick it up.


I suggest looking around for local suppliers of industrial pipes. Maybe you can get a deal on small remnant sections of pipe.