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Where can I get lead (Pb)? Answered

I'm making a clock and I need 4 pounds of lead for the weight. I was thinking of melting some fishing weights down to make some ingots. Do you think that's good enough?



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Scuba shops carry lead in various forms, as do fishing tackle shops (from small pellets up to heftier sizes). Cartridge reloading shops would have it, maybe in ingot form.

WOW!!! Didn't even look at the date of the question! oh well, still an idea

window weights ...from old houses (usually at the bottom of the frame)!
1 window should produce what you seek

I got a large (20-30) pound chunk of lead from a friend who uses it for ballast on his race cars.

Actually, you can buy lead in gun shops like goodhart said

old car batteries (warning - vapors of battery acid and other stuff thats in there are not nice at all) not pb but - an old transformer is a good weight and looks cool

Sometimes you can get used tire weights from places that sell or balance tires. In the US, flashing is galvanized steel, aluminum or copper-I haven't ever seen lead in a store. You might want to reconsider using all lead. Yes, it's easy to cast and adjust for weight, but there are other options like steel or iron weights or sand.

Apart from fishing weights, you can sometimes find wheel-balancing weights by the side of the road (image). Or if you know anyone with an air-rifle / pistol - used pellets. L


It might be cheaper to go to a building supplier and by lead flashing - it's the long "strips" of lead that go over windows etc to stop the rain getting in.

It comes in a variety of widths and thicknesses, and (use to be) sold in lengths but priced by weight - maybe they have an offcut you could buy?

You could melt it down, or simply roll it into a tight cylinder.