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Where can I get waterproof cable (like cat5)? Answered

I need to transmit data at the bottom of a pool. Google hasn't helped much - I've only been able to find waterproof connectors.


Maybe you could use regular cable and liquid electric tape sold at lowe's or electrical supply companies at the connections. epoxy glue is another possibility,


9 years ago

...Why are you running CAT5 through a pool..?
I think that the cable's already waterproof, you just need the connections to be waterproof...but if all else fails you could go w/ fiber optic. =P

I'm making a swimming touch-pad lap timer (kind of like the Olympics) with some friends and we want to hook it up to a display that sits at the bottom of the pool so you can see your time while swimming. We can make water proof housings for the touch-pad and the display, but we need some way to connect them.

Coolio, Yeah, I think that the cable's already waterproof, you just need the waterproof connections as to avoid that "ZZT" factor.

not all cables are waterproof. some do soak water thru invisible small holes in the plastic does it have to be cat 5 ? many phone cables have tough waterproof isolation if you put the ends in a bubble of air (like insert them into there from below) they wont touch water i would be more worried about the display. you should bother about all issues like condensation and sealing and underwater waves (that can splash into te box from below) and vapors and thermal sucking effects and what not. if it has high voltage supply then it can be even more fun can you make it like projection from above into the water ? leds ? sound ?

We found that too, but look at the bottom: Minimum Order Quantity: 60 Kilometer

I actually just got 25' from that guy. I'll see ow it turns out.