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Where can I learn repairing of electric power tools? Answered

I want to learn repairing electric power tools like (Electric drill machine, dust blower, angle grinder etc).
Is there any formal / informal program available online to learn repairing of electric power tools?
Does any school / college / university / institute offers such prgorams?
Is there any way I can learn repairing power tools?

(By repairing, I also mean replacing parts if required.)



6 years ago

Which is cheaper [ REPAIR or REPLACE ]

I can rewind a motor stator but not at what you can buy a new one for.
Especially with the price of metal for US bullets.

Now what I can not Repair, are those damn oriental electronic black blobs
being installed in products faster then then I can imagine, and
having to buy replacements until oil is no more.


I would approach local electrical engineering companies and ask them which courses they recommend.

Play with some broken ones and teach yourself. Most of the problems these days are burnt out motors, and they are essentially unrepairable.