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Where can I order assorted capacitors, resistors, LEDs, switches online? Answered

I have decided to rekindle my passion for circuitry, and I don't want to fuss with finding the right parts at Radio Shack (*cringe*). Where can I order assorted parts online? I'd like to just buy a huge bag/box of assorted parts, rather than individually buy each part as I find need for it, and have to wait for it to arrive.


In the market for electronic components there is often a trade-offs between newness, selection, and price.  

The absolute best deal (er lowest price) you will ever find on electronic components is by pulling discarded electronics out of a dumpster, e.g. old CRT monitors, radios, DVD-players, etc.  Then you pull the components off the boards using a soldering iron.  The disadvantages of this method include: the work involved in extracting the components, plus poor selection, i.e. you get what you get.

Also worth mentioning is the local "dollar store".  Occasionally you can find a good deal on parts here, e.g. a fm radio, containing  headphone jack, various pF sized capacitors, etc, for 1 USD.  It works exactly the same as the dumpster-method mentioned above, except you have to pay 1 USD per item.

The next best deal is the surplus retailers.  Places like
Typically these guys sell "assortments", and/or random circuit boards, etc.

Next would be the retailers that sell factory-new components. Their prices are usually higher, since you're paying for actual new, from the factory, parts.  Also they tend to have the best selection/availability,  almost everything "under the sun".

The Hong Kong retailers often have good prices, but long shipping times to destinations in the former U.S. Also I've never even contemplated what would be in returning something to them.

As you have already discovered, the absolute worst place on Earth to buy parts, combining both high prices and very limited selection, is Radio$hack. The only thing they've got going for them is their vast network of brick-and-mortar stores, with a franchise (probably) near where you live.

I think I can exactly help you solve your problem. I am also fuss with finding resistors, capacitors and inductors. Days ago I found that one US company produce very good resistor kits, capacitor kits and inductor kits, and the values the kits contained are all commonly used valuses. Later on, I get to know that their cxhief engineer is a world-class electronic engineer, so he knows esactly what values our engineers will use. BTW, I will show you some pictures of their products. I think it would be much better if i offer their website to you, http://www.analogtechnologies.com/smt_component_kits.html Hope my answer can be helpful to you, thanks, have a great day!


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I am selling electronic components on ebay for really cheap prices
i make custom part bag
and i can get requested parts for cheap
shipping depends on the final quantity and mainly to usa
if your interested pm me and i will direct you to my ebay page


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Check out "http://www.het-electronics.net." I've ordered several "Assortment Kits" from there, sold in varying combinations and quantities. I'd suggest one of the Ultimate Kits, great value. They also sell individual components, tools, and hobby kits at competitive prices even when compared to the cheaper ebay options out there. So far I haven't found any site who's assortment kit selection can compare, so anyone looking for "mixed bags" should definitely try them out.

I would like to recommend siliconray's resistor book if you are looking for SMD resistors:
It has all the necessary values for my current projects. Haven't buy any other resistors for a long time since I have it.
They also have mix value wired resistor bags:

In the USA, Digikey, Mouser, Newark, Allied all have component starter kits, but as for getting a mixed bag of resistors, caps, inductors, etc all thrown together, I'm not sure, since most consumers of these part don't want mixed up bags of random stuff.

+1. And others, but I've dealt with all four of those.

Agreed..there are many sources, but I hate dragging out all the distributors I use. These are commonly known, so sufficient for this forum.

I did not mean each of those mixed together, but rather, separate bags/boxes of each assorted type.

Google "resistor kit", "capacitor kit" and you get lots of links for exactly what you are looking for.  Lots of electronics suppliers offer bulk discounts on assortments.

Thanks, that helps.
Also, what kind of soldering iron should I be using? I have 3, but they're all kind of cheap.

Ah...ok..well anyway...those are some of the sources...

Also, try looking for electronic surplus stores....many have bargain bags

Re-design makes a good point about ebay.

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I think you've got some good answers already. Why did you choose C18H21NO4 as a username?


I've picked up several "mixed bag assortments" on ebay also.