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Where can I purchase a barebones laptop? (preferably Alienware)? Answered

I want to build a laptop, and I like the style of the Alienware cases. Thoughts on where I can find a barebones? (Links, and I'll love you forever)


Building a laptop is nothing like building a desktop. Ok, well, its a little like it, but not really. Most laptop parts are proprietary. In other words, toshiba makes the keyboards that go in toshiba laptops, and they won't sell them to people who want to make a computer with an alienware case. They also aren't usually interchangeable. Even if you find a laptop motherboard, it might only be able to use a couple different coolers, or video cards, etc, and those you can only get from the company that sells the motherboard. Furthermore, you can't just snap things in like a desktop. Many parts are actually soldered together (namely the processor with the mobo and cooler). In other words, if you ever do manage to find parts sold seperately, you will have to use such specific parts that it will be the same computer you buy from a store, for more money, and more time and headaches. If you do want to save money on a high-end laptop, find a site that makes them to order. Save money by not getting that 126 gig solid state drive that alienware thinks you need. You can also figure out what specs you want, find some computer models that have them, and bookmark several store pages and check often for sales. That's how I got this $700 laptop for $500. Or if you really want to build it yourself, go for a desktop.

Hmm... It'd appear I have some thinking to do. It'd be *fun* to build, but it appears to be both difficult, and non-cost effective. Maybe I'll browse some customs or referbs and see if I can find something. I'm a bit tight for cash, but looking for a nice gaming laptop, if possible.

Well I just saw the 'ible I think that you saw, and I will concede that it is possible to build your own, but its still not the same as building a desktop. Compatability is still a big issue, plus you can't choose your power supply/battery, so if you want components that take more power than it can give, you're out of luck.

Buy a Laptop at a garage sale you would be surprised i bought a dell latitude d610 from my neighbor down the road tested before buying fresh install of windows and everything i am using it right now as a matter of fact. anyway this way you can get it cheap then spend money on upgrading it you save a lot of $$$$$$ this way

Don't buy an Alienware. They are way too overpriced. instead, buy a cheap used laptop at a pawnshop or a cheap Wal-Mart laptop, build the PC, and then make a sweet case mod. It will look much better.