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Where can I recover transparant plastic plates like polycarbonate from?

I want to make a condo for rats out of an old closet. But because it is quite dark in the closet (even with the door removed), I want to replace the wooden side panels with something transparant like plexiglas or polycarbonate. But as a student I do not have much money so I want to keep is as cheap as possible. It has to be strong enough to support some shelves. I know I can always take away as much wood as I can from the sides and then cover it with al metal gauze but I find the idea with the transparant plastic more beautiful.

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caarntedd (author)2013-05-10

How big does the sheet need to be? Would headlamp protectors off a car do?

rickharris (author)2013-05-10

Most home diy stores will sell flat acrylic or polystyrene sheets.

If you want biggish sheets for free then you need to look in dumpers for shower screens or old poly roofing.

The Ideanator (author)2013-05-09

Windows tend to be made from polycarbonate, so you might look in a dump/junkyard. Try school bus windows too, those are tough.
Fun tip: chloroform, a solvent cement for acrylic and polycarbonate, can be made by mixing household bleach with isopropyl alcohol, acetone, ethanol, or MEK.

Josehf Murchison (author)2013-05-08

The trash I get tones of it I even have clear 4 inch pipe 8 feet long.

Flat screans are a good sourse.

Old trailers.

look and be creative.

mole1 (author)2013-05-08

Does it have to be polycarbonate? Other plastics can be less expensive. You might check out storm door plastic at a building supply store like Lowes.