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Where can i get a 5 hp (or more powerful) motor ? Answered

Im looking for a 5 hp or more engine, for a large hovercraft project. It doesn't really matter how many rpm's, as long as it runs. no more than 10 hp. hopefully under 150 bucks, it's okay if it's used. if a large fan for any reason is included, that would be absolutely perfect.


thank you, those look perfect! i'm going to be away from my house for a long time this summer, so i dont have anything to build it with. if we aren't doing anything next summer, that's when i will probably start building it. if not, then next year whem i have maybe even more tools.

Briggs & Stratton lawnmower engine? L

i cant find any cheap new ones on the internet, but there are some good deals on ebay, which is probably where i'll end up getting it. thanks!