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Where can i get matierials to make robots with in Australia or anywhere, but i would like Australia most? Answered

It says it all in the question.

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smitec08Best Answer (author)2010-03-07



depends what you need specifically, i mean Dick Smith and jaycar have a good range if you don't need anything too specific.

littlebird electronics (link above) are also quite good, they are redistributors for sites like sparkfun and while the prices are slightly higher you same a tonne on shipping (free if order is over $100

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jeff-o (author)2010-03-08

You can make robots using anything from Lego to scrap to precision-machined aluminum.  Do a web search for robotics kits.

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frollard (author)2010-03-07

Really depends on the type of robot - there are plenty of brains, sensors, actuators and motors available on the web if you search - lots is made in china and would be easy to get to Australia.

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