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Where can you buy Velostat in Toronto or Canada? Answered

Just wanted to play around with Velostat, but don't want to pay shipping fees from the US

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k4sander (author)2009-10-06

I looked at the website, but the link appeared to be broken. Is this the equivalent of Velostat? http://www.caplinq.com/linqstat_vcf_s-series_linqstat_volume_conductive_film.html
If the link doesn't work it is just called linqstat volume conductive film, and looks like garbage bag material rolled up nicely. Is this the correct material?

Thank you!

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caplinq (author)k4sander2010-02-08

Sorry about that, there was some rebuilding of the site going on and we're trying to fix all the broken links.  The ones shown here are ok now, or you can use this one.  They all lead to the right product:


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caplinq (author)2009-08-13

CAPLINQ (http://www.caplinq.com/en/linqstat-vcf-sheeting.html) offers an equivalent to 3M Velostat. It's essentially the same conductive plastic but without the brand name. You can buy it directly from our website and it ships from either our Ottawa, Canada or Amsterdam Netherlands warehouse depending on where you ship to.

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