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Where can you fined plans to build a shipping container house. Answered

I would like to build it myself in the cheapest way. I have seen a video from Columbia and how they put together 4 containers for a small compact house. I have not seen anything in the USA that does not drain the pocket book of the little man or woman. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Check out my instructable:


It's not steel...but it can be built by anyone.
All parts are common at building supply places here in the US.

I deliberately did this because the US is notorious for only catering to big business and military. Regular people living simple lives are basically screwed.

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Google "shipping container house"  and you'll get lots of ideas.  I haven't seen any plans free on the net.  You'll probably need to meet with a home designer (like me) to get some drawn up.  They have to meet code even if you are building out in the county now.

Well these are metal boxes. You plan the house around the steel-boxes, get a cutting-torch or other power-tool and cut your doorways, windows etc. Which bits of this project are you most stuck-with?