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Where could I find potasium nitrate on the Gold Coast? Answered

Please let me know if anybody knows of somewhere to find potasium nitrate (KNO3) on the Gold Coast



Well, that depends on how bad you want it... and what you need it for. You can make KNO3 yourself, but the process takes a long time. If you let urine and straw "compost" in a closed container for 6 months, KNO3 will form as crystals on the straw. Wash the crystals off with water, filter the water through wood ashes, and let the liquid dry in the sun. This method was traditionally used in the production of gunpowder for Bang Fai rockets. Alternatively, potassium nitrate can be found in some fertilizers (though the availability of such fertilizers is limited in some countries due to misuse). If you have access to Ammonium Nitrate (another popular fertilizer) and Potassium Chloride (a table salt substitute) you can make KNO3 by basically mixing them those two things together in water with some light heating, cooling slowly, and drying. If you are looking for KNO3 to make some sort of explosive, then I suggest you find a better use of your time. Go to college. Major in chemistry. Then, you can learn how to be a pyro safely. And, when you are done you could get a job that puts your skills and enthusiasm for fire to work for the benefit of others.

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