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Where do I get half inch plastic sheet for cheap? Answered

Hey, I have a CNC milling machine and I mill things mostly out of plastic. I'm just looking for a cheap place to get plastic sheet if anyone knows where I can get it. I need 1/2 inch. I am currently getting it on amazon for about $10 per square foot (including shipping). Here is the shop
I really don't care what kind of plastic it is as long as it is cheaper and of comparable strength.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Are there any surplus stores in your area?  One close to me sells plastic scraps of varying thicknesses - some over 2" thick (mostly delrin, I recall).

do you mean a hardware store or army surplus store? I haven't found any places that sell scraps around here. I live near Santa Barbara, CA

Well, the one close to me has all sorts of stuff, including army surplus.  When you do a yellow pages search for "surplus" in your area, have you visited all of the places that turn up?  Surely there's someplace that has scraps.

I think I might have found a "salvage and surplus merchandise" store, so I will head down there to see what they have.

You could probably just call them first and save yourself the trip, if plastic is all you need...


8 years ago

I wanted some 3/4" thick acrylic for a project and was able to find it here:<br /> http://www.lairdplastics.com/<br /> Cheap? Cheap is relative I suppose, every place I found seemed over-priced to me, but on the home page look for <strong>Clearance Items</strong> under the<strong> "Products" </strong>tab. You might get lucky<br /> <br /> <br />

How much do you think they were selling it per square foot?

I found what I needed in the clearance items section and it was priced accordingly. Prices on other items there varied according to the product and dimensions, there was no uniform pricing scale that I am aware of. Your best bet is to go there, see what they have that would meet your needs and price range.

I used to get plastic really cheap.  There was a manufacturing company close that made things out of plastic.  They always had a really big bin of cut off pieces you could pick thru and they would just sell it by the pound.  Pennies on the dollar.

There was also a plastics dist. that did the same thing.

You know of any places near Santa Barbara, CA?