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Where do you buy Ball Mason Jars (without resorting to the internet)? Craft Stories? Bulk grocery stores? Answered


I buy mine at Michaels craft store. They offer a good variety of sizes are pretty cheap; especially coupled with the 40% coupons that they send out more or less every other week if not every week. With the coupon, I am able to get the half gallon sizes for 1.50-1.90 (depending on if it's a 40 or 50% coupon). -- Moo

Try your local Ace Hardware, they usually have good stuff like that.

In my area there are a couple of amish/mennonite "Grocery Stores" and they have all the supplies on hand for canning/storing/preserving food stuffs in abundence


9 years ago

I also find them at thrift stores quite often. You still need to get the lids (always use new, never used lids) and screw caps, but I've never been to a supermarket that doesn't have those. They'll have all the supplies you need for canning except the canner! Even Big Lots has jars sometimes.

Some stores only have them out in the summer/fall and put them away for the winter and spring. That could be why you are having a hard time finding them. I've seen them in: bulk foods stores, restaurant/bar supply, and a feed store. You can buy sauces, jams and jellies, in jars that you can reuse. I've seen commercial pasta sauce in ball jars. I've also seen some canned fruit, like peaches and melon in ball jars in a regular grocery store.

My local hardware store carries them as well as the supermarket.

walmart has them as do most grocery stores. Walmart keeps them near the kitchen section, the area where they keep the cooking accessories. Most grocery stores have them in the same section where you find the jello and things to make jam and jellies.

I'm not sure where you are, but i have found jars in my local grocery store, they're usually around the outdoor-ish sorts of things, like paper napkins and charcoal. hope you find them :)

Craft stores are going to charge a dollar or two or three each. The grocery store or hardware store (around here) charge eight or nine dollars for a dozen-a little less for smaller sizes.