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Where do you find 24 Bit Audio files?? Answered

Hey guys, I've been googling around, and I'm not nessesarily looking for a "warez" site, but I'm trying to figure out where you would find 24 bit audio files, like a flac file or something (stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec). I have a 24 bit creative sound card, I figure, why not LISTEN to it in 24 bit, but of course that wouldn't make sense unless it was recorded in 24 bit in the first place, as far as I know you can't really "upscale" audio such as that with a video file. Any suggestions peeps?? Pm me if you have to.


You might have to explain what 24-bit is in terms of audio. CD quality is what - 320 kbps - encoded as 2 16-bit channels? Lots of different audio formats... Can you link us to what Creative mean by 24bit? L

Well I'll get you a link later. But Basically the flac files I listen to, which are cd quality, are recorded in 16bit, that's how the cd was recorded. If I'm correct my sound card is capable of 24 bit audio, and I believe if they were ripped to the computer, it would probably be in flac aswell. You can't exactly say cd quality is 320kbps, a lot of people have different opinions on that. Cd's as we know it, in a raw format are .wav files, but then a whole cd takes up 600-700mb on your harddrive. The whole point of flac is to compress the music, but mp3's change parts of the music, or essentially take out bits of your music that it thinks you don't need in the encoding process, depending on the bitrate setting. With flacs it's more like a zip file, you can compress anything, and when it's uncompressed, your data is still intact, you can't do that with an mp3. For me most of my flac cds on my computer are 400-500mb each, some are only 2-300mb. Depends, 24 bit audio apparently takes up twice the space however, and usually from what I've found is that you'll only find it on dvds.

I still don't understand what 24bit beans an terms of the card.

24 bit means that the sound card can reproduce 24 bits of audio depth through it's outputs. 24bit, although it doesn't seem like there would be much more quality in terms of numbers between 16 and 24 bit, 24 bit actually almost DOUBLES the amount of audio information that can be captured. We're looking at bigger headrooms, better sonic clarity etc, but I haven't came across any actual 24 bit files yet.

OK I get it - do you have speakers that can handle that quality, and might the card have come with a demo that you can at least experience it briefly? I shall have to investigate this... L

I personally believe that my speakers would be able to show true 24 bit sound if I played it through the wires, but I suppose it would help to have an amp with optical or SPDIF connections or something like that for a more digital connection to the amp.

Heres another question too, I KNOW it's possible to make a circuit to convert an analogue signal to optical output and visa versa, so I have to wonder, is it possible to add optical inputs to an amp without them?? While we're on the subject, you know that JVC gigatube stereo I've posted about that I have?? It's a decent sized stereo, and if anything, for the price we paid for it, it should damnwell have optical connections, IT DOES have optical OUTPUT but nothing else. Tell me again why optical output on a stereo/reciever makes any sense???? It should have an INPUT not an OUTPUT, but that's how it is apparently.

I'm not too familiar with optical, but as you say it should be possible to do it. L

Me neither, but I've been told that if you jiggle/move the cables while it's playing, you'll get noise or something over your sound, which to me makes sense because it is a light beam bouncing around the cable.