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Where do you get a fan belt for a New Idea corn sheller no.7? Answered


Look for an identifying number on the edge of the belt, failing that, take a piece of string and measure the total belt length - then take it to a bearing specialist, who will have them in stock.


If you can't find one that fits, do a search for "adjustable v belt"

I used one of these on a metal lathe (to keep from having to take apart the headstock) and it worked well. Don't know anything about a corn sheller....

You can see a photo of one here: http://www.harborfreight.com/vibration-free-link-belt-43771.html?utm_campaign=SEO&utm_medium=Inbound_links&utm_source=linking

I meant to say "wrap the string over the pulleys to measure the total length" - but that bit disappeared somehow !