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Where is My instructable? Answered

Why can't i find my instructable on the website? the link is here
Do i need to make it into a step by step on instrucatbles or is it ok how it is?
Let me know



5 years ago

I had alredy submitted this into some contests when i first posted it, but i haven't got a reply.
Does that mean they haven't reviewed it yet, or what?
I can't re submit though when i published it again.
also i still cannot find it

Have you had the "received" email?

yeah i have recieved the email.
i also still cannot see my project it in the recent posts yet, what does that mean?

If you got the email, that's fine, it's proof you met the deadline. If your project is still not visible, though, that might mean they are behind on clearing the filters.

You need to send an email to service@instructables.com, including the URL of the project, and ask why it isn't out of the filters yet.

Ok thanks very much for your help

I can only think that it is hung up in the filters since I cannot find it in the recent lists. A nuance of the step by step instructable is that sometimes one step instructables or ibles are automatically flagged for review. The photo ible allows you to do the one step thing by allowing to put up an image and some text. Since you only have the file attachment and a short description, maybe it would seem incomplete to be published. When staffers get back to work California time, they should be able to check on it. You could cut and paste some steps from your pdf to make it a more complete ible.

and sometimes you have to wait until the system caching servers catch up to see the ible.