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Where is gone Pixlr editing in the EDITOR? Answered

I remember that was possible directly edit the pictures in the library via PIXLR...is gone? It was only via Mobile App???

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Kiteman (author)2017-05-07

Unfortunately, because of reasons, the Pixlr functions no longer work when embedded in this site.

The Pixlr website still works - I just edit my images there, save them to my device and then upload them to Instructables.


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lewisb42 (author)Kiteman2017-06-24

Is there any chance of getting the instructables editor to recognize image rotation? I know I can change the rotation when uploading, but ironically the upload thumbnail displays correctly. It's only after I've completed uploading that I find out my images are upside-down. :(

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Yonatan24 (author)lewisb422017-06-24

Then that should be reported as a bug!

If your pictures the pictures are in your desktop, I think it still take less time to rotate them and re-upload them, than to wait for the Pixlr Editor to finish processing the image. It was always quite slow for me, and would fail half of the times...

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