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Where is my prize supposed to be sent?? Answered

Hi! I recently won a 2nd place prize in a contest. Instructables robot sent me the message where I'm supposed to fill the form about my address etc, but I'm from Greece and I really don't know how to fill the "state" option. Meanwhile, Is it possible a delivery to Greece to be achieved by Instructables? as in the regulations my country is not mentioned.....thanks in advance


It looks like Greece should be fine for the Canning and Pickling Contest. Fill out the form to the best of your abilities and you will be contacted if the shipping department is unable to send it with the information you have provided.

after I've sent my personal data... How am I sure that they're actually saved and my prize is going to get shipped to the right address??? Thanks again

It will get shipped to whatever address you fill in.

For "state", you can probably use "province".

Once the package is moving, you will get messages from Instructables and FedEx confirming the destination.

Thank you soooo much! I wasn't sure myself about that for other greek users in the past had faced a few problems. But it seems that the policy had changed... XD thanks again!