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Where is the best place to find a replacement screen for an old discontinued Hitachi 65 inch back projection? Answered

I need to find a replacement screen for our 65" Hitachi back projection TV model number 65T500. Just the outer most screen layer is cracked, you can still see everything fine with the TV on, just there's a crack in the way... I've searched on Google, but no luck. I've also searched on the Hitachi website, but I can't find that model number at all... Links would be great! Thanks!

-Shadow Ops


My father-in-laws old RCA tv got a damaged screen, and I didn't know what to do for a long time.  Then i got the idea of getting some WAX PAPER from the kitchen and placing on the screen just as a TEST to see how it worked.  It worked GREAT.  But the wax paper was only about 18 inches wide, so slight gaps were visible between sheets.  That was only a temporary fix anyway.  so I went to WALMART and found a very cheap 3 or 4 dollar WHITE or OPAQUE  plastic shower-curtain.  I used that instead of the waxpaper sheets, and it works great.  You will have to remove the FRAME of the screen, and carefully attach and stretch the sheet to remove wrinkles etc. 

ALSO,  I see these hitachi tv's FREE almost every day on craigslist.  People throw them away all the time because they dont want to spend 2 or 3 hundred dollars buying the projection bulb that goes bad every year and a half.  So, if you want an exact replacement, keep your eyes on craigslist for YOUR CITY, and OTHER cities nearby you.  Look in the FREE section of craigslist and it might take you a few weeks, but someone will likely throw one away exactly what you want. 

If it's the outer most screen only then it's just glass or plastic sheet.  Measure the thickness and have a new one cut.  Then you're back in bidness.

Or find a dead electronically but screen unbroken match and get the screen off of that.

And next time no more soccer in the house!