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Where is the search bar??? Answered

Well, instructables just changed about a week ago, and they added and changed some things.
But there is one problem I have. It's that I can't find the search bar.
I've been looking for it for a while, and I'm really starting to get frustrated, so I asked a question.
Can you guys help me? I want to be able to search for stuff!


SORRY! I didn't think that thing at the top was the search bar!

That huge bar in the middle with the giant word SEARCH next to it did not even give you a hint?

nope, well, I searched one thing and just google stuff came up, so I ditched the idea.

Yeah, the new search is what bugs me the most out of the update.  If I want to search google, I will go to google.  I want the old search back, it was amazing.

In the grey band, directly above this answer is a box that says "Google custom search" try that, and also try the "graphical search" option which will appear next.


Oh, okay. I didn't think that was the search bar XD
Thank you!

Well, to be honest, I was taken from that as well, since it says "google" which is most often different than an internal search process)

I thought it searched google for whatever you were looking for...

Not exactly.  I'bles is paying Google for local access to their system specifically for results within I'bles, and to have those results displayed under an "instructables.com" URL rather than a "google.com" URL.