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Where should I dispose of my dog's giant poops? Answered


Throw it into the bushes?


9 years ago

try a garbage you can give it its own garbage because you don't want poop mix with the bottles or you can but it in a bag light it on fire and throw it at peoples yard you don't like

the garbage is a good place to start - there are biodegradable poopscoop bags you can get - probably from pet stores If you're really enthusiastic you could flush them - and they'd get processed like any other sewage waste - becoming fertilizer for somewhere...

Human waste is rarely used for fertilizer. There's a couple big problems with processing sewage. Human bacteria and viruses, and a high volume of medicines, cleaners, and other chemicals that end up in our drains. Still, those are the best places for your pet's droppings. If you're enthusiastic about being environmentally friendly, you can compost them... but keep in mind that dogs can carry many of the same infectious diseases as humans and can sometimes be just as heavily medicated as the rest of us.