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Where to buy gateway 3ds card (in the US)? Answered

Hi everyone,
Sorry if this question has been asked before. I'm sure it has at one point.
I'm just about to buy a new 3DS XL for my son, and would love to get a flash cart for it. I looked through the forums and Google but all answers appear dated. I've read that the latest 7.1.0-15 firmware is not supported by any flash card out there, though this was a few months ago. Have things changed? Can I grab the gateway 3ds flashcart, r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition or any other recommendations?
I rarely online shop and I am looking to buy from a good vendor. Thanks in advance for any help.



3 years ago

The best place to buy a gateway card is Playmods: http://www.playmods.co.uk/en/gateway-3ds-v-2-4-omega-100-genuine.html The service and the shipping is great and it has the lowest prices by far. The card is also great very good quality and very easy to set up. Take my word and use this website to but the card, they won't let you down.

only sold online in my experiences. but know your firmware version on the device your going to be using and do some googling. the information is out there, you just need to look for it.

well , as we know , the 3DS firmware has beed updated to V7.1.0-16 , but any flashcart that paly ds games still works on it , it has been tested by many people . dont forget one thing , if u wanna buy a flashcart for playing 3ds games , i have to tell u the trueth , is impossible currently , cuase u have updated the firmware t0 7.1.0-15 ,while the gateway 3ds flashcart, r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition only works on the V4.1-4.5 , so , the best choice is r4i gold 3ds for palying ds games :



4 years ago

fas as i knew, all 3ds card can just work on N3DS V4.5-4.1,inclued gateway 3ds, so if you are in the market for a flashcart that supports 3ds games,check your console firmware version first,if it was stay on v4.5-4.1, then suggested you buy mt-card, after all,it was the world first card to support multi 3ds roms and if you need,here is a usa based store for you : http://www.modchipfactory.com/buy-mtcard-playing-3ds-gamemulti-3ds-rom-support-p-22.html

recommend you buy it from dsflashcart site, a US based site and i received my card in about 3 days. check here: dsflashcart

currently there are a few cards can play 3ds games on 3ds xl, including the gateway 3ds, r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition and mt card. but all of them are only working on 3ds V4.1 to V4.5 firmware, so if your 3ds xl firmware is higher than V4.5, you can not use any of them, then you can only play ds games with the other card such as r4i gold 3ds card. here is a usa reseller to buy gateway 3ds card http://www.r4depot.com/16-gateway-3ds-flashcart-play-3ds-games-on-3ds-xl-and-3ds-console.html