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Where to buy old sails?? Answered

I'm looking for a sail, maybe 2, to make bags, beanbags, sunshades out of. BUT I can't find any cheaply. Do people not  get rid of old sails. I've seen fairly cheap ones but they are still useable as sails so it seems a waste. So shortly Where can I find sails which are no longer useable as sails?

Plus I'm in the UK


Love the idea, I bet old sails have a great texture and color, not to mention the history behind them. The only thing i could suggest would be Craig’s list or perhaps even eBay. Local clubs, if you have any, would defiantly be a place to check out. Also, dock auctions! Boats that have reached their last leg and don’t get sold get scraped; just grab the sails before the dock master does. Look for your local docks and ask them when their next auction is. Best of luck.

PointsNorth, do a search, will sell you all the fabrics you could need - new. Old sails - Sailing mags but the really poor ones are scrap and only go to friends.

Contact local sailing clubs. But you can probably get sailcloth more cheaply as cloth.