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Where to buy thrusters for ROV/RC Submarine? Answered

I' am doing a arduino based ROV so i need thrusters Any links to buy online thrusters for ROV/RC Submarine?


3D printed ROV thruster nozzle for DT700 motors.



Tested forward/reverce thrust at 12V

1A - 0,5/0,5 kg (0.5/0.5 lbs)
2A - 1,0/0,9 kg
(2.2/1.98 lbs)
3A - 1,35/1,2 kg
(2.98/2.65 lbs)
4A - 1,65/1,5 kg
(3.64/3,31 lbs)
5A - 1,9/1,7 kg
(4.19/3.75 lbs)
10A - 2,5/2,1 kg
(5.51/4.63 lbs)
14A - 3/2,7 kg
(6.61/5.95 lbs)19A - 3,6/3,2 kg (7.94/7.05 lbs)
Efficiency (G/W) Thrust (G/Watts) (lbs/Watts)
at 1A: 41 g/w (0.09 lbs/w)
at 2A: 37 g/w
(0.082 lbs/w)
at 3A: 31 g/w
(0.068 lbs/w)

Dimensions: 96x118x120mm

Weight: 120 gr

Build your own by potting a set of RC motors.

Making your own is usually better and in the end cheaper than buying some pod that does really fit your craft.
The few shops that sell subs on a hobby level only provide the most basic pods and at least I would prefer something that really suits my needs and uses parts I can get in any model shop.