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Where to connect the Syma x11C camera box? Answered

So i have a bunch of spare parts that i've obtained from working at an rc shop. In this is the receiver board and camera box of a Syma x11C quadcopter. They were connected at one point, but i remember a friend destroying it on accident a while back, so i know these were the same parts. I am just curious as to where to connect the camera box to the receiver board (the camera box still has red,black,yellow wires attached to +,gnd,DV respectively.) 

Is it possibly to the DATA,GND,VCC on the front right of the receiver board?



2 years ago

look at 14:14 to see wiring !

but how do i also reinstall it to the syma x11C ?

There is a video out there type

"Syma x11C camera box"

on Google and search the vids.

I dont seem to find any videos showing the original connections from the built in camera to the original syma x11c receiver board. since it is "built-in" and doesn't have a connection spot like the syma x5c, or the jjrc h8c.

I see a camera with an antenna or a micro SD card no additional reception.

There is a red+ black- and assuming a yellow_trigger.