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Where to download mp3 music from? Answered

The reason I am asking this is that I am looking for some fresh ideas of cool new music I could listen to. So where do you guys download mp3 music from?

Do you only listen to music online or do you have any favorite site you like to go to to download and save good mp3 music songs?

Would love to hear suggestions.


Hello mate!

You can download fresh electronic music releases from: http://psycore.me


5 years ago

for complete mp3 collection i suggest you visit Mp3 Search Engine you can listen or download new mp3 easily


5 years ago

You can check this link for lots of music stuff: http://www.downloadprovider.me/?aff.id=4249

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6 years ago

In order to free download mp3 songs and music you need to use a good music or mp3 search engine. Googling for `mp3 search engine' will give you plenty of hits.

Yeah, you know it's best to try to keep it legal when it comes to downloading mp3 music and other stuff.

If you're a fan of internet streaming web radios, like I am, than you'll find quite useful this tip on how to save mp3 music songs from the web.

There's an Audials piece of software that can use to record, download and save mp3 streaming music from web radios in good quality and  fast.

Has a huge database of web radios from where you can find music according to let's say genre for example plus you'll end up with perfectly cut mp3 songs that you can simply listen to onto you pc or transfer to multimedia devices or other stuff.

Cool idea the truth is that I haven't taken into consideration that I can also get new music by recording mp3s from web radio stations.

Thanks for the tip on that Audials software, gonna give it a try as well and see what exactly's the deal with getting mp3s from web streaming radios.

www.soundclick.com houses allot of interesting indie artists. many of them offer free mp3 tracks of their own music.
radiotuna.com has a massive list of radio stations by music genre which you can listen to online but not download from.
If you are looking for a specific type of music try googleing that with the word "radio" and you can often find genre specific sites (like jazzradio.com or psyradio.fm)
www.youtube.com has allot of music and the column on the right often suggests music you might like if you like the one you are currently listening to.

Depending on where you live you might be legally allowed to download copyrighted music but that is not something discussed in polite company.

Excellent, thanks for all the suggestions .

I'll take a closer look at them, even though some of them you said they don't let you also download mp3s. At least I'll get the chance to discover new music I might like.

From what I understood it is legal to download copyrighted material in the Netherlands (not upload however), which includes mp3 (you are not fined nor do any time but you can be charged with "damages"). Should a similar law apply where you are then there are several sources you can use to obtain "pirated" music but seeing as how most countries at the very least frown upon it I won't promote this process.

Well, yeah I know there are some quite well knows sources from where to download the kind of music you mentioned, but I try to steer clear of this kind of sources.

Would much rather download mp3 songs from legal sources, as much as possible.

freeplay, rip from CDs, itunes is great for free radio, i also listen to the youtube playlist's.

Cool ideas, though I am kind of set on finding a good place to download and save mp3 music rather than listening to all the music exclusively online.

well youtube you can download the music and upload it to your ipod (its what i do when I dont want to pay 14 bucks for a CD that only has 1 good song on it) but yeah freeplay is pretty cool i use it when i am looking for new stuff to Dj with


7 years ago

youtube to listen to music, mostly

To download: beemp3.com; emp3world.com;

best off, if you dont find it on these, google!! :P

Yeah, I also use youtube to listen to music online but to be honest I also like to keep a stash of mp3 songs on the hard disk for offline playback or for transferring onto a mobile device or something like this.

That's the reason I was wondering where you guys go to download mp3's.


Mostly unheard-of, but free to download, and most styles you can think of.

We use it at school for background music in videos.

Interesting tip, never heard of this one till now but if you say they also let you download mp3's and save them to your hard disk than definitely gonna check it out.

As I said I'm quite interested even in new music styles.

IF your in the right part of the world Spotify is a good resource and legal.

Audacity will allow the recording of anything that goes through your speakers. Just said that for interest sake.