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Where to find 2 stroke engines? Answered

I am looking to find small 2 stroke engines for cheap/free. I am not sure where to look. The side of the road, craigslist,and ebay have been of no help to me. I need something between 40-50cc and would like some god places to look. Thanks guys!


Look on used sites for old chainsaws they are powerful and usually pretty cheep

Put a wanted add up on craiglist people usually want to get rid of stuff i got a 49cc 2 stroke pocket bike for free. all it needed was a carb clean to get going im giving it to my cousin though because im to tall for it. look on the side of the side of road on trash days i have found leaf blowers weedeaters and lawnmowers occasionally

To find something for free will be tough. At my work we often have units that are not worth repair. they consist of chainsaws, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, cut off saws. etc etc etc. If you are abel to visit your local small equipment dealer, you may be able to purchase a unit that has not been picked up and is being sold for the cost of repair. Usually if we have units that are not worth repair (IE could be free to you) It is due to them having a scored piston and cylinder as well as possibly a bad carburator and/or worn crankshaft bearings. So depending on the shop rate. they may only charge 30mins for an estimate and may cost you around 40bucks for a unit that has been estimated but not picked up by the customer. Best of luck to you.

good luck finding one between 40-50cc. looking for one that powerfull will most likely only be found on a powerfull chainsaw, which will probably not be had for free. A little more info would help, like what your experience is with motors (ie can you repair them) and what you want this motor for would be helpfull. for example, If you are good at rebuilding and want this to build a motorbike, a simple 25cc or greater weedeater found in an old farmer's treerow (with permision, of course) won't run, but if you know your way around a 2 stroke you might be able to coax it back to life.

Lawn mowers (may be 4 stroke though) Maculloch engines are often put on chain saws and weed wackers (strimmers)

Some model engine would be as large as you need.


7 years ago

Look through the phone book and locate some small engine and lawnmower repair shops. Most will also sell used and rebuilt engines.

Weed whackers ? Chain Saws.