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Where to find anyplace with Bamboo in Texas? Answered

I've been trying to find a location in Texas (preferably Central) that either sells or has large stalks of Bamboo. Until I get a place of my own where I can grow my own bamboo, i'll have to stick to finding my own elsewhere. I've looked all over the internet for anyplace that sells it near my town, but like heck they do. Does anyone know where I can get large bamboo stalks anywhere in this tolerable circle of Hell?



Best Answer 6 years ago

I'm curious what search terms you tried that failed. This was my very first attempt: bamboo nursery central texas. Five of the first six hits should be sufficient for you to locate something nearby, and the seventh hit actually sells what you're looking for.

well, I know i didnt use THAT exact term, mainly the word "Nursery", but after seeing the various links as well as contacting a member of ABS (American Bamboo Society, i think thats right.) I learned that there is a good sized grove in cameron park in waco! and even better, i'm moving there later this month. thanks for those links, man! ill make sure to use them when i need to!

go to river near you and walk the banks I'm sure you will find some growing ....


6 years ago

I know its in East Texas. I stayed in a house that was abandoned and over taken by Bamboo. There was also rats that wanted my food! I guess I can google map the location if you are interested.

do you remember what size the bamboo was? and having the location would be most appreciative!

It was 1" stalks. NOT the big stuff. I did a quick search, I think I can find it exact by but I will have to tomorrow. I left Dallas east out of Garland. It has to be on google.

Try gardening supplies/nurseries. 6' to 8' lengths of bamboo are sometimes used for trellises and the like.

I take offense at your description of Texas. I've been to Hell and it was not this hot and dry.

considering the recent heat wave this year, its felt like the most tolerable ring of hell for more than 2 months.

Any garden centre should have Bamboo - Often used in the Uk to role thing like carpet round.

Where it's hot you should be able to grow successfully - needs a lot of water I believe.

i did check for garden centers in the area, but they didn't have what i'm looking for. At best, i'm trying to find some Giant Timber bamboo somewhere, and that stuff gets about 40-50 feet when fully grown.