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Where to find the right spring? Answered

for my Nerf Gun Mod I need a 14kg load spring. After a VERY long time of looking I've come up empty handed. Where on earth am I going to get a spring for my longshot?


You need to specify several things, the diameter, the length, and the rate. The rate is the number of kg, or morelikely N it takes to compress the spring 1mm

So, for example, if you want the 14 kg load to happen after 100mm of compression....your rate is 0.14kg/mm


I just need a compression spring with a rate of 14kg. where can I get one?

You can't buy one with that spec, as I said rate isn't measured in units of kg. At least you need to specify the maximum length and minimum, full compressed length.

ok, I don't know all of the specs but It's a compression spring. 5.5" long. I heard that 1 kg= 9.81N so it would have a rate of 137.34N (I think that's right). It's hard to get the old spring compressed but it's somewhere around 1-1.5" long compressed. It's outside diameter is 1 3/16". I don't know anything else about the new one I need.

You can try a local auto parts store - sometimes they have assortment boxes of springs. You can try people like mcmaster-carr for "proper" springs.

I am trying to find the same thing for my Long Shot. You both are right. 14kg describes the total load on the spring (technically KgF for "kilograms of force"). The best I can find is one of the following configurations:
1 replacement spring
OD= 27 mm
wire thickness= 2 mm
free length= 125 mm
total load= 14KgF

Double up w/ stock spring
OD= 22 mm
wire thickness= 1.7 mm
free length= 125 mm
total load= 8KgF

I haven't found a provider yet (McMaster-Carr does not have the right type). If anyone knows, please post.