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Where to get 12 volts dc from your PC? Answered

I need to provide 12 volts DC to power a portable cooler that is used for travel. I would prefer to tap into my PC rather than use a wallwart. It seems that it was the yellow wire, anyway can I splice into the correct color and then ground to the chassis or to a black wire. Will I need a fuse?


Grab a molex extension cord - it has the 4 wires protruding from it. Pull the red wire out, so you don't short the 5v line. Wire it up, with a suitable rated inline fuse (yes, use a fuse). From there it's just plug and play! I ran a case-fan in my enclosed desk to keep the computer from suffocating a fiery death this way. (I'd forgotten the doors closed on the desk one too many times and the cpu didn't like me...so I worked around my own ignorance) :P

You should be able to use the PC supply as you suggest. But be careful not to overload the PSU. A fuse shouldn't be necessary, (if it is you shouldn't do it). L