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Where to get free electronic samples? Answered

I have read a couple of instructables about getting free electronic samples from manufacturers. I am intersted in doing this but I have a problem. I don't have a company or a company email adress. I was wondering if somebody new of a list of manufacturers that I can get free parts from without having a company.



I have the same problem, however most require a company, first of all you can just make up a company name such as YOURNAME inc. ect. I find http://www.te.com/en/products/product-landing.html and www.ti.com to be very easy to get samples off of. No company, no contacting, just order them. I just went on a samples ordering spree yesterday and when I get them I will tell you which ones I got because I don't have a company, but until then TE and Texas Instruments should keep you busy!

OK, thanks. I will be looking forward to hearing your results. I will try www.te.com I tried texas instruments but they didn't have anything I really want.

One place I recently got a bunch of free project enclosures from is serpac enclosures.

Sure, that's really funny, cause I'm still trying to get some free stuff for a project and I'm making a guitar pedal so I need an enclosure and I just ordered from them! :) Do you want me to email you personally the list of stuff I get? If you do, could you post your email here please, if not, just don't reply and I will post it here

Yeah thanks here is my email address.


Thanks again