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Where to get powdered Iron oxide and powdered Aluminium in Devon ? Answered



If you do need it for magnetic uses and not to create a ball of molten steel you will need black iron oxide, not the red one.

Although I fail to see where the aluminium poweder comes into play with this purpose...

A combination of aluminium powder and red iron oxide only has one purpose...

Funny though that "weird" request like this pop up almost daily now and always coming from freshly registered users - coinidence or will we really see a project based on it ? LOL

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that is funny, and people also bought AR tools with it also.

Iron oxide you can get quickly by setting steel wool on fire.

Etch a sketch toys are filled with aluminium powder }:)

get a tool that can be used to make dust, eg sandpaper.
then find something rusty eg that tin can you left in shed 10 years ago
sand it down and collect the rust powder (Iron Oxide)

next find an aluminium can (not magnetic... eg coke can)
sand the inside (no coatings on inside) this gives you the aluminium

Thermite uses Aluminium not Aluminium Oxide
when you burn thermite, the oxide moves from the Iron to the Aluminium
this gives out heat....

try using a clay flowerpot as the pouring device
(thermite pours out of small hole in bottom onto evil friend's car bonnet etc.)

Thank you! I was trying to find online where to get it and couldn't find anywhere's other than buying it online and getting it shipped. Thing is, I actually needed it for a project on Instructables. Here's the web address if you would like to check it out: https://www.instructables.com/id/magnetic-silly-putty/?ALLSTEPS .

yeah i will try that lol evil friends car that made me laugh

 Hi I am a guy in Devon interested in making Termite 
I would like to buy Powdered iron oxide and powdered aluminium over the counter if possible
can someone please help?


Both materials are sold as pigments for paints, so try paint wholesalers and chemical stores, or as fillers in resin casting.

Otherwise, ask local high-school chemistry teachers nicely, or try ebay:

Example of aluminium powder.

Example of iron oxide.

Be aware that what you are making can be used in crude weapons, and may cause interest amongst the authorities.

Thankyou i will see these places and see if i can get them cheers

Hi man, do you know anything rusty?
Ball-mill some rust then bake it.
Otherwise, Kiteman has given you a perfectly-excellent answer.