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Where to get this body armor design made or how to make it? Answered

I have a design for original body armor, but I don't know where to buy it or get it built. Think of a nomex survival suit, but Dragon Skin and Kevlar for fabric covering underneath armor, 2nd layer U.S.A. brand or Japanese exoskeleton suit with titanium caseing, 3rd layer graphene and dragon skin for plates covering entire body like a full body mold but cut in pieces for flexibility. Where can I get this built or how can I build it precisely. It will last against a FN FAL. I live in McAllen Texas.

I prefer professionally made, so any suggestions.

I have no budget.



2 years ago

Neat design idea ! You need to make small page size sample armor and test fire into it against a recently deceased animal at a slaughter house to see how well it works..

It is diifficult to advise you further, because we do not know your money budget or your skill set in a work shop.

No budget, as for skill set, I'm just going to pay someone if I can find

"No budget, yet you will PAY Someone"

As a consulting engineer I design and make what does not exist for a client who has to understand it has a price... Please take this as a learning experience.... but NO Consultant would ever do business with anyone that has a no budget pay attitude !

I can afford it is what I mean. I know it has a price.

Go to a company that make body Armour. If you really intend to use this then your going to want some guarantee it will do it's job.

Ok and I do hope you have endlessly deep pockets because a one off is going to cost you a small fortune, No correct that a BIG fortune.

Just a small point you don't give any clue as to where you live. How would we know what to recommend?

Money is no problem, I live in McAllen Texas, where FN FALs and black pointed tip 50 mg AP bullets are legal.

Then approach a current maker of body Armour they are best equipped and have relevent knowledge to help you.

Google or a trip to a gun shop should give you a name.

If you're after professional work, you'd best try professional [engineering] sites.

Google is your friend...