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Where to place an HPA paintball tank on ur gear? Answered

I am new to paintball and i just recently purchased an HPA 3000 psi/72 ci air tank. I have a remote line due to the shear weight of the tank and stress on the valve threads of the gun. I do not wear a pod belt as i have chest mounted pods. I would like to know what best spot to where such a size tank is. I am thinking a belt with a pouch on it facing side ways toward my gun arm. Any ideas on the best postion? (I have a tailor that will make me a custom belt/strap or w/e for it plus the pouch so shape is not a factor)


Get a tactical vest with a pouch on the back. Will most likely run you less than a custom tailored strap thing, and plus it will probably be better because of all of the other features.

you could use a small backpack something like the camelback water backpacks but without the water..i use mine like that and its really comfortable when playing for hours...eventually you back will tired but only after about 6 hours and you would not want it sideways because as you use the air it can become unbalanced and plus moving around it can move to the side

honestly I would have to say the back. I have seen it on many pod packs with 2 pods on the left and right of a place to put your tank. It would be a lot easier to move with it on your back rather than your side. Maybe you could get a belt-like strap with a pouch for it on the back. or buy a pod pack with one attached, but as you said you have a tailor so I'm sure that they can do that. I hope that answers your question. Good luck and have fun with the sport.