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Where would the ground go in this schematic for a Sawtooth Generator? Answered

I found this schematic in a library book, but there is no ground labeled. Please help as soon as possible, I would like to have this finished by Christmas for my brother. My guess would be on the very bottom wire where C1, Q2, and R6 are connected. (I would highlight where I meant, but I can't seem to add a comment box to the picture.)


As far as I can tell, you are correct that the very bottom line in the diagram is the ground.


5 years ago

Now you have three good answers !
I concur the bottom line is the ground reference.
( is your brother Zack ? )
So you should award the best answer to Skinnerz..


Thank you, and no, my brother is not zack, why do you ask? Ahah

If by 'ground it', you mean to connect it with the earth potential - there is no need to do so.

If you want to know, where to connect the minus pole of your 12V supply - The Skinnerz is right, the bottom line (where R6 and C1 are connected) should be the 0V potential.