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Where would you host a collaborative, open-source electronics project Answered

I have an idea for an open-source electronics project, that would involve some fairly simple hardware and some initially not-too-complicated software.

I think it's an idea that could have a significant impact on a lot of people's lives, if it works, and it's a project that would work a lot better if I could attract some collaborative help.

Now if this were a software-only project, I'd look at creating a public repository on github, but since there's a hardware aspect, I'm not so sure that'd work.

Does anyone know of a free project hosting site that's oriented towards electronics hardware, that includes blogging and forum functionality?


You can work on the schematics for the hardware at Upverter. This will also allow others to easily copy the schematics and work on there own additions, or collaborate with you on the design.  It will also allow you to take the schematic and design a PCB.

That's exactly what this site is!