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Where's a good place to buy alfalfa seeds online? Answered

My brother and I are attempting to sprout alfalfa seeds for a healthier diet, but we can't find a good place to order the seeds online. please help?


Alfalfa is a popular cover crop.  You can potentially call farm supply stores or garden centers if you want A LOT of seed for cheap and without shipping charges.

For online seed companies, I like Botanical Interests, Burpee's, and Seeds of Change, but you can buy it from a variety of other sources.

There are also many other popular sprout seed such as broccoli and mung bean.

where i can buy alfalfa seed here in dubai???


6 years ago

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.agriseek.com/buy-sell/e/Crops-Seeds/Seed/Forage/Alfalfa/

my local feed mill sales 50 pound bags for $28.00 this lasts my family for a year.


7 years ago

Here is a good place to buy seeds for sprouts http://sprouting.com/usastore/enter.html.  It is usually better to buy seeds specifically for sprouting since seeds sold for growing an adult plant may have stuff added to  them such as fungicides etc.

Have you ever tried the products search using products.google.com. I find it is a useful way of getting an idea of approximate prices for things... alfalfa is a great addition to any sandwich... yum