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Where's my stuff? Answered

I replied to one of the emails I got regarding the Make it Tweet contest, but I think I was replying to a robot so I will ask here as well.... I received my prize pack, tee shirt and stickers and I am quite happy, I must say, However, I can't seem to find the coupon or code for my Think Geek prize. Was it sent as a hard-copy? I am surprised that I didn't get a code number in my email. Where should I look for this?

Thanks bunches
Chris the Carpenter



6 years ago

I'm also curious about the prizes... I won the Headphone Challenge a while back. But still haven't received any of the prizes at all. After waiting a few weeks I was finally sent the prize claim form. I filled that out, and it's been over a month with no word from anyone at Instructables...

I don't mean to sound ungrateful. But this is getting pretty ridiculous.


7 years ago

I summit a recipie for the family recipie contest, the instructable is on the web but not summited in the contest... what can i do?

Last time I won a prize with the ThinkGeek gift certificate code, it was delayed in getting emailed to my real email account.

The sponsor part of contest prizes are sometimes sent separately. Ibles may wait for all the winners to reply so they can send a consolidated list to the sponsor. Then the geekmonkeys that work there have to get their prize fulfillment machine going.

tip: Wait for a coupon code to show up (try techbargains.com or search) and use it in combination when you redeem your prize to get more bang for the buck. I think mine worked out to a "free" book or two. Good luck.

Check your junk folder - you may get it as an email directly from ThinkGeek, and I always find their emails in my junk folder, no matter how often I click the "not junk" box.

Otherwise, drop a line to the email address at the bottom of the page.

Hey thanks Kite,
But its a no-go. I can't fault your logic though, the subject line would be something like, "you have won" or "prize something or another" --Makes a lot of sense that the spamifier would catch it. --No worries, I am sure it will show up sooner of later, somewhere.

Thanks again