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Which DSLR camera would you suggest, Nikon or Canon? Answered

I'm thinking of purchasing a new camera so I just would like some input which one's better and what's the special features.


Depends on what you are shooting, what you want to do with the images and your experience with cameras.  Once you get the facts, go into a store to actually check them out or talk to the pros.  Lots of guides online like http://www.digital-slr-guide.com/canon-vs-nikon.html I have friends that are in the Canon and Nikon camp.  If you are into changing lenses, you will usually be locked into the brand.  Good luck.

Thanks for your reply. The link was very helpful. :)

As another thought, some camera shops will also rent cameras. Might be worth taking one out for a weekend.

I also have several friends who feel that the software makes or breaks the camera. Play with it for a while even if you don't rent one.

Good luck!

As someone who owns a Nikon D60 and a Canon T3 i can tell you they are both great but each has it own strengths. Canon better in low light, Nikon richer color all depends on what you are looking for.