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Which K'Nex Guns Can I Build? Answered

Christy gave me the 400 piece Value Tub of K'Nex. I've built the ultralight, and it wasn't particularly rewarding. So, which guns can I build with the pieces I have? I took a picture of the parts list so you can see what I have to work with.



I think he could build it.

LOL AWSOME u like k'nex!!! u should buy Knex of ebay I got a 150+ pound lot for like $100!!

Depends what pieces he got. And 150lbs is nearly 70kgs. That is the weight of an average human. Unlikely.

your virus looks like a face sucker from AVP

Alright knexers just a quick message I'm sure he's just trying to connect to all corners of the community (in this case the North Pole of the Earth that is Instructables) and isn't going to be super dedicated to gun building. He got a small set as a gift and was curious. It would be cool if he got more pieces to build something but chances are he isn't going to get a vast amount of pieces (or at least just to build little plastic things that shoot) so don't get too hyped about him buying more knex. *smirks* ...But if you do happen to get more pieces I'd go with one of my pistols =D

you're TDS2 and mini-er TDS have great range, i would recommend them to anyone

what is wrong with knex nowadays, back when i still bought them, i got at least 100, he could possibly build one of those minigun rounds that users try to pass of as a mini gun, but that's all i could think of

idk knex is screwing themselves. They really did it when they tried to copy lego with knex bricks.

yeah I ran out of normal red buckets in my town as far as I know. What really gets me mad though is how they don't tell you at all about how many bricks, minis, and normal you get out o the total 400. For all I know I could be buying only 100 normal knex and 300 bricks. I guess I'll have to start using ebay *sigh*.

Your doing knex? that is so awesome. but unfortunately, that set contains mini-knex, which hardly anyone uses. So i would think that there would be not many decent guns to build. If you are really desperate, order off ebay, it is really cheap there. Good luck!

D'oh! I didn't realize they were mini. Which set should I get instead?

Or if you don't want to get some from the more costly side and would like to join the cheap side of the force (sorry I just spent my entire weekend watching a Star Wars marathon) there may be a 400 pieces value tub (all normal knex with no bricks or minis) for about $20 at any department or toy store. A heads up it would for sure be in a red tub and obviously the one you got is not that tub.

I Renember in September i bought two of those... now they are filled with minis It sucks D:

Well knex isn't too popular where I live so I would doubt they would run out here lol. I may just have to do ebay or get a bigger set pretty soon though.

if you really want to get some more, you could just buy some off of ebay. it does not really matter what set as long as it does not have mini knex or bricks.

eBay! *widdly-widdly-widd-uh-lee-woooooooooooooooonnnkk!!!!!* Or, go for the 50 model. Cons:$50.00

Or but a HUGE used set :)

Christy, I'd just buy them at local yard sales. We do. You can get literally tubs of them for a couple of dollars. Or on ebay for a bit more.

try the 550 part knex tub.

It looks more like a xm 177 m4 mod which is made to shoot pistol rounds.

i think look on ebay for more usefull peices. I WOULD SAY DO not by a knex value box. most have mini knex (useless when it comes to guns) and bricks(also useless when it comes to guns) you could buy something like an amusement park ride or a ball machine of knex.com for about $50 and that would give you lots of peices to build many things!


9 years ago

Nice virus!

I suggest, building a top of the range Rubber Band gun - doesn't require alot of knex, and might just earn you some small respect amongst the knex haters

i am not a knex hater, and will admit to trying to build a gun once

actually, i don't think he could do that. not because of skill or experience in building, but that he barely has any of the real knex. most is the knex bricks and mini-knex. this is actually a really sad set, it is the first one that i have seen that only came with two green rods and 4 white rods.

yeah, very poor, i easily have about 100 green connectors... i guess i shoudl really have a go at a gun... just to show you all how to do it..

we know how to do it, the noobs dont tho....

i was building knex before you even knew what it was.. (when i was about 11ish, being 10 years ago) I have alot of it... several big boxes full..

dude, I was 3 back then. do you think I would know anything at age 3?

but, I started knexing at age 8, so i started at an eariler age than you did.

FTW The task is to make one powerful enough to go through my unique 'gmjboard' that i use on all my projects..

dsman and killerk did that already......i know for sure. there may be others, but I dont know how tough your gmjboard is.

okay... so did you ever get that game quake 4 or what ever

It's not possible for ewilhelm to earn any more respect from me...

dude, he doesnt have enough parts for my first gun, which sucks like crazy. I still have a pic of it:


=O Ewihelm not only playing with knex but asking what gun he could build with it? Hmm wow it's nice to know one of the regulars is willing to give it a shot (pun not intended) and not bash it. Um I'd love to say try some of of mine but they're either too big or you don't have the pieces for ='(. Plus my instructables don't bring justice to what you're probably used to saying. Good luck with whatever you do build!

o-my-gosh, how could we forget?!!? he should build some splodies!