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Which Nerf gun? Answered

i wanna get another nerf gun '9i have recon and hyperfire

its gonna be raider or deploy

but i dont know which one

please help




Best Answer 8 years ago

I would go with the raider because I like the drum mag. But I also like the deploy because its smaller and a lot cheaper. They both have the same rate of fire ( pump action), but the deploy is about half the price, smaller, but does not have the large drum mag.

Ive decided ill just get a maverick

good choice,they are easy to modify and my stock one is pretty powerful with no mods


7 years ago

Long shot. get that. best mag fed nerf gun. most upgradeable too. tell this to everyone else, so we don't need more topics like this, only more long shots.

i dont think they make those anymore. I only see them on the product list on nerf.com

Deploy. It may have a smaller mag size, but I think, with that, you will tend to be more intentional with your shots. Good luck, Champ!

I wanted to know 5 months ago and its already got a BA so why still bother??

Rude. A proper response would been something like, "Thank you but I have already gotten the Nerf gun I want. Thank you anyway!"

Ahh, I have the raider, and after a while it gets SOOOO unpowerful. First it's shooting like 55 feet, then the range gets down to about 25. I don't know about the deploy, but those kinds of nerf guns get worn out easy. I had a recon CS-6, and the same thing happened to this as it did with the raider.

my friends got the raider and deploy his deploy was powerful but now after about 4 weeks its rubbish

i know :( they work for just a little while.

It's because inverse plungers suck.

raider, its very similar to the deploy (but better) and comes with the 35 dart drum, very useful


yeah get the raider, the drum clip is cool

raider cause it better.