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Which Panasonic Toughbook Should i get? Answered

I am fifteen and I wanted to get one of these laptops because they are tough and i thought that they would be pretty cool.  I don't want one that is meant to be used for a specific job, i just want one that would be pretty cool. maybe a touch screen?  and not too pricey


Refurbished is definitely the way to go if you're on a budget.

However, be warned: non-authorized dealers can't provide warranty protection, and may surprise you with an inferior/low-quality return on your investment. I've heard stories of users unable to unlock BIOS passwords to reimage the hard drives of multiple Toughbooks purchased off of sites like eBay. Scary stuff.

The safest way to purchase refurb Toughbooks is to go through a Panasonic authorized and preferred dealer. The Toughbooks offered by these dealers come direct from Panasonic's factory, and are guaranteed with a 90-day warranty.

The link for authorized dealers is here: http://www.panasonic.com/business/toughbook/buy-refurbished-toughbook.asp

My personal recommendation? BuyTough.com. Small, family-owned company where I get all my Toughbooks. Ask for Mike when you call, he'll take good care of you. PM me if you have any questions.

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In case anybody else is wondering about whether or not they should purchase a Toughbook, I will give you my opinion.  If you are looking to buy a fast computer for a good price, you should probably not be looking at Toughbooks as they generally will cost a great deal more than something like a Dell that has the same speed.  However, if you are looking for a computer that is going to need to be able to handle being shaken, dropped, or splashed with water, a Toughbook might be more appropriate.

Toughbooks are not meant to be used as an average persons mobile computing solution; they are meant for professionals with specific needs.  The emphasis of the value that you get from paying the extra money (sometimes $1000s more) is that you don't have to worry about your computer breaking if you accidentally drop it while getting out of your truck because  you're a hurrying EMT that is rushing in order to save a person's life, or that any other necessary risk that your job entails is going to lead to you having to repeatedly repair your average laptop.

It wouldn't really make sense for anybody to pay the extra price for the clunkier, heaver, Toughbook when they wouldn't be using their laptop in situations that were likely to physically damage it.

There are also a lot of cheaper tablets that would make more sense because of their higher "fun" possibilities than a Toughbook. 

However, if you're looking to get a Toughbook because you want to be able to abuse it because you think it is cool or something, or maybe you just don't trust yourself to not break or drop your computer, you might want to check out some refurbished Toughbook sellers.  The Toughbooks that they offer are generally older versions that were traded in or sold in order to pay for the newest, latest and greatest, which would be ridiculously expensive to pay for without a REAL need for them.  The refurbished Toughbooks are fixed up and brought back to the condition that they were originally sent out like by the factory, or even better than original.  Anyway, they are much cheaper and might be more suitable as a "toy" than spending absurd amounts of money that you dont really need.

You can find more information on refurbished Toughbooks at Refurbished Toughbooks by Telrepco or do a google search for refurbished toughbooks and check out the listings.

Seconded what Re-design says:

Toughbook adds a LOT of overhead cost to a laptop just for the 'rugged' features. If you want them just for the look - then its totally outrageous!

Second option if you only want the tough look - buy a 'better' laptop (bang for your bucks) and case mod it to look tougher.  Lots of end user laptops have the fancy accelerometers that act to protect the hard drive in the event of a free-fall when you drop the laptop.  (asus for sure).

Get a laptop that has the features you want, not necessarily the look, or you'll end up with a machine you can look at and not use.

Lastly:  @$*(&%^  FIFTEEN?!  What do you possibly need a laptop for?!

IF you're 15 and you want one just because they're pretty cool, maybe you should wait until you have a better reason.  Last time I looked the toughbooks were pretty expensive compared to the non-toughbook computer with similar specs.

If you've got a use for the computer and need a toughbook then get the one that is best suited for what you want to do.  My friend got one with a touch screen that makes it into a tablet.  Kinda interesting but not really very practical for what he does.  He hardly ever uses the touch screen anymore.  I measure existing houses sometimes for my work.  A touch screen would be nice to use to make the sketches and write down the dimensions.  But a pad of graph paper works just as well and only costs $1.

If you need a new computer then find the one that is best for you and don't get and expensive one just because it's cool.  Unless you've got and unlimited supply of money then get a Porche instead.  No maybe a Ferrari.