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Which adhesives are either water or polymer based? Answered

I am trying to make this and it suggests either a water or polymer based adhesive, but I can't find which ones qualify.

Alternatively, what adhesive would you suggest I use?


Go with the Sobo glue. Delta uses a PVA-derivative in Sobo that achieves better binding interactions with cellulose-based materials (i.e cotton and paper). Plus, the author recommends it in the comments section. Either way, you can use the cool polymer chem lingo in the future when you tell people about your bag. For additional adhesion, you could try scratching and hatching the side of the disk you're planning to glue to the fabric with a knife. Some scuffing with sand paper can also work and is a little safer. This increases the adhesive polymer's interactions with the disk surface and could help you achieve a stronger hold.

I can't think of any conventional adhesives which AREN'T polymers.

PVA is both, but I don't think it'll work.
But as the thing suggests - test it with what you've got. Something that'll stick to the floppy case is the main thing - something non-water-based, "all-purpose"