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Which are Ecologically friendly Ultraviolet ray blockers/absorbers/stabilizers that can be used in polymer? Answered

Working on (reinforcement) bio-composite material using bamboo fibers & starch based DIY bio plastic from starch, glycerin, vinegar.
I wanted to incorporate UV Protection to my composite by adding UV protective additive in polymer mix.
I searched for regular additives (Benzophenone)  that are added but I want to find if any Environmentally friendly UV stabilizers are available or can be extracted from natural sources to be used in bioplastic.
(chemicals consideration)
1-PABA (p-Amino benzoic acid) & 2-ZnO

Please do add your valued opinions.


(expensive probably, this is why people use benzophenone...)


I wonder if that would work. Might be able to extract from tea at home.

I was gonna suggest zinc and/or titanium oxides - but you already know that. Surely one of the resident chemists will chime in shortly :)