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Which electric motor for which project? Answered

OK, so I got two projects for this winter. One - building a lathe for woodturning. Not a mini-lathe, but a bit more serious piece of equipment that I could use for some furniture details. Two - apple mill for cider.

And I have two salvaged electric motors laying around. One is from an old Remington chainsaw, 1400 W and probably some quite serious speed. The other one is from a pump, actually water automate that sat on my 15-meter borewell. Do not have the data, but most probably slower (and it is way bigger).

Problem is, I have zero experience with such stuff. For setting up the electricity side I will probably call in the cavalry, but first i need to decide, which motor I will use for which purpose. So, any advice, gurus?

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mpilchfamily (author)2012-11-16

Go with the chain saw motor. You will want to gear the motor down for the lathe no matter which one you use. So the higher RPM one will probably be best.

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